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<3 nothing tastes as good as thin feels <3

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this is not for people who do not have an eating disorder
this is not for people who want to have an eating disorder
an ed is not something you want to have it is the way people are
this is also not for people who are recovering from an eating disorder

This community is suitable for anybody who has an ed whether it be ana, mia, or ednos.


1. no text talk please!
2. we welcome any thinspo's and other pictures you would like to share but please if there are 2 or more put them in an lj cut.
3. there will be no abuse, bitchyness etc in this community. if anyone is found to be treated other members without respect they will be deleted!
4. once you become a member of this community don't just lurk, post a comment telling us a bit about yourself. that's the whole point of this community - to get to know other people with ed's as well as share tips blah blah blah...
5. if you do not like mary-kate olsen, lindsay lohan or nicole richie then this is not the community for you. these are the community's idols and we will not put up with people speaking unkindly of them!
6. please keep naked pictures to a minimum. if you have a picture with nudity in it that you would like to share put it in an lj cut on it's own and make sure that the link says that the picture has nudity in it. thankyou!
7. please stay an active member of the community! the community would be nothing without you! yes you! so keep in touch with thinspo's, tips, etc or even just post a comment to tell us how you're feeling, or how you are getting on!

once again i must say this is a PRO ANA community, please dont become a member if you do not have an ed....we can tell!!!!!!!

lastly..... ENJOY!

luv ya!